We are pioneers of face-to-face fundraising and have introduced this globally successful fundraising method in various countries for the first time. The Global Fundraising Group is an alliance of fundraising agencies that use various fundraising methods to raise money for charities.

We are convinced that generous global giving leads to a tolerant, open and understanding world.  Our vision is therefore a more generous world, which we achieve by finding generous donors all around the world.

Our partner agencies in the network are proud of their high-quality working methods and the humane leadership of all employees in the field and the offices. Some of our network partners are certified B-Corporation members (bcorporation.net).

Global Fundraising Group Network

The Global Fundraising Group serves its “Generous Global Giving” vision by facilitating growth within its network.

Global Fundraising Group Services

Many Not for Profit organisations (NPO’s) depend largely on regular donors as a  source of income. Companies within the Global Fundraising Group network are specialized in gaining regular giving donors.